Only the best is good enough!

Quality control and performance are the most important properties of a nail polish. By K. nail polish is fast drying, chip resistant and colorfast. The professional brush makes the polish pleasant to work with and ensures an easy application.

We demand transparency and safety in the production of our nail polish.

That our nail polishes are produced "close to home", we have complete visibility and safety of, that the product is what it claims to be. At the same time we guarantee that the polishes are produced under decent conditions for humans, animals and the environment. Integrity is important for us.

To treat yourself and your body better, we have decided to take the step towards a better alternative - 5-free varnishes. As one of the few brands in the Danish market, we can now present a collection that not only requires a great design and trend, but also sets high standards to the ingredients. To be completely transparent about our products, you will find lists of ingredients under each product.

In future, all of our polishes have been produced with care for the environment and animal testing. We are very careful how we describe our products, and we can therefore guarantee both through documentation and certificates that all of our products are 5-free as well as Cruelty Free.

In addition to our strict production requirements of our products, we set high standards to our collections to follow fashion. Therefore, all our colors are closely aligned with seasonal colors and color codes for the textile industry. The color palette is mainly the classic Nordic style which By K. is known for.