Allergy Certified

Allergy Certified

By K is the first producer to obtain an allergy certificate for their products. This is primarily because they do not make use of perfumes, formaldehyde or other allergy giving substances.

By K ´s nail polish has undergone the same rigorous testing as all the products that have been allocated an allergy certified certificate have gone through. Allergy-certified gives the user the opportunity to choose cosmetic products, detergents and make- up that do not contain well known allergens.

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Cruelty free

Only certified cruelty free and vegan products

Our products are made ”close to home”, this means we have a thorough knowledge of what the product contains, and that it lives up to what it says, it does on the packet. This means we know the nail polish are produced in a way that is non harmful for, humans, animals and the environment. Integrity is important for us.

At By K. we are socially aware, we have high ethical values and emphasis on self sustainability.

We demand transparency and saftey in our production