By K Logo

By K. was established in March 2012.

Our idea was to produce a quality nail polish without harsh chemicals, not tested on animals, and at a price where everyone could participate. That’s our strategy, and it still is to this day

For every seasonm the trend institutes publish a range of colors that are trendsetting and are used as a guide to manufacturers in both fashion, beauty and home.

At By K. we also work with these color charts. We follow the colors and trends, but still want to put our own stamp on the collections. We want to maintain our Nordic and classic style, but at the same time we also love the funny and different variations.

In addition, we also love colors and their interaction. One of our success criteria is, that the colors match and can be put together in any way you'd like. So of course we put a lot of time into our collections and color matching, so our collections can keep up with our requirements. The result should be a color palette where, you just must have one of each!

By K. is Danish design, Nordic sense and produced with care. Our nail polish is produced by one of the largest manufactures in the Western market, which ensures the good quality and gives you the assurance that the product is produced under good and controlled conditions through all processes.