To treat yourself and your body better, we have decided to take the step towards a better alternative - 5-free varnishes. As one of the few brands in the Danish market, we can now present a collection that not only requires a great design and trend, but also sets high standards to the ingredients. To be completely transparent about our products, you will find lists of ingredients under each product.

5-Free means that none of our products contain the following 5 chemicals:



is known to be allergenic and carcinogenic, and is in no way a necessary ingredient in nail polish. The less exposed you are to formaldehyde, the better.


acts as a UV filter, and inhibits odor of a product.
The chemical is both environmentally harmful and carcinogenic.



is a chemical often found in varnishes, as well as in fuel and paint. Daily exposure of this substance is extremely harmful. Additionally, toulene cause damage during pregnancy.


is a waste product which is found in most varnishes. Formaldehyde-resin is allergenic and can cause severe eczema.


is a binding solvent that has been tested carcinogenic in animals, as well as development and fertility inhibition in humans.

A better alternative

Since nail polish can't be made entirely out of organic and natural ingredients, we have done our best to ensure that the ingredients we use are as safe and as least damaging as possible. Here are the key ingredients we use in our By K. products :

  • ETHYL ACETATE - this is an organic compound with a sweet smell similar to that of pears. We use it as a solvent to make sure the rest of the ingredients mix and blend well.
  • BUTYL ACETATE - this is also an organic compound that is used as a solvent. Butyl acetate has a sweet smell of bananas and is actually found in many types of fruit. It is used as a synthetic fruit flavoring in foods such as candy, ice cream, cheeses, and baked goods.
  • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL - you might be more familiar with this ingredient's home-name: rubbing alcohol! This is used as a solvent in our polish.
  • NITROCELLULOSE - this is a durable film-forming ingredient to ensure the polish stays on your nails as long as possible! It is derived from cellulose which is an organic compound found in almost every green plant. 
  • ADIPIC ACID / NEOPENTYL GLYCOL / TRIMELLITIC ANHYDRIDE COPOLYMER - is a mixture of adipic acid, neopentyl glycol and trimellitic anhydride monomers. Adipic acid is an organic compound that is sometimes used in foods for flavor and gelling. In nature, it is found in mushrooms.
  • ACRYLATES COPOLYMER - this substance is a mixture of Acrylic Acid and Methacrylic acid. The substance is a film -forming ingredient that helps to build and strengthen our varnishes.
  • STEARALKONIUM BENTONITE - helps the polish stay thick. You'll also find this in lipstick and eye makeup because it is safe to use.
  • ACETYL TRIBUTYL CITRATE - this is an organic acid that is produced from citrus fruits. The substance increases the varnishes durability!

Furthermore, all our colors are FDA approved:

ALUMINIUM POWDER (CI 77000), RED 7 LAKE (CI 15850), RED 6 LAKE (CI 15850), TITANIUM DIOXIDE (CI 7781), YELLOW 5 LAKE (CI 19140), BLUE 1 (CI 42090), RED 34 LAKE (CI 15880), MICA (CI 77019), IRON OXIDES (CI 77491), IRON OXIDES (CI 77499), FERRIC AMMONIUM FERROCYANIDE (CI 77510)